SAMS is an online database application available at Harmony claims that including SAMS is “the most widely used solution in the United States for HCBS Medicaid Waiver management and federal NAPIS compliance”.

Alameda County uses SAMS for its service providers, one of which is BACS. I wrote an in-house database system for BACS that tracked all the data about their clients and meal delivery schedules and produced the daily route sheets their drivers used to deliver meals. BACS had converted some of their client tracking into SAMS but they were still using Care Management, their in-house system, to control meal deliveries. This meant that they had to double enter much of the data, to the detriment of both systems.

In 2010 BACS decided to move entirely to SAMS, which meant that meal deliveries had to be set up in SAMS. I came onboard to help with the transition between the old meal information in the Care Management system and a new set of route and delivery information in SAMS.

During the transition process we discovered that there were some limitations in the reports that SAMS provides. One good example being that there is a report that tells the next date that clients need an assessment, and a report that tells which clients are on which route…. but no report that combines the two pieces of information. So, if you want to print out a list of assessments due that are grouped geographically by route, you can’t do it in SAMS.

Fortunately SAMS does allow you to download all of its reports as CSV data files, which can be imported into MS ACCESS. I wrote some import routines in MS ACCESS and succeed in combining the two SAMS reports into a set up actionable reports that list the clients needing assessments grouped by deliver routes. We went on to use the same technique to produce a variety of reports that BACS needed by that could not be directly created in SAMS.