Working on Light Traveler

Screen shot 2011-12-31 at 2.50.06 PM
The site owner started by sending me a couple of drawings that included specific information about sizes, fonts and colors.

I set up a trail site on my own server and started to work adding a child theme to the standard “TwentyTen” theme. This will allow the base “TwentyTen” theme to be updated without affecting the appearance of the site.

As I worked the site owner and I communicated daily about how things were going. We met in a coffee shop after the new theme started to take shape and talked in order to resolve questions that came up during the development.

In particular, he wanted a special kind of navigation menu and we needed to work out just what it would look like and how it would work.

Moving to the “Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart”

deephum-cart was selling sheet music and CD’s using buttons that took the user directly to Paypal to make their purchase.When the site was moved to WordPress I installed the “Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart” widget and the “buy now” buttons where replaced by “add to cart” buttons.

Saul’s Deli Home Page


the home page of the Saul's Deli website


Saul’s Deli had a list of changes they wanted to do on their site. We sat down and talked them over and decided to make the changes having to do with formatting and appearance first, and then work on the larger changes.SaulsDeli.comfeatured a Flash animation of the dining room, complete with sound track. They wanted to remove the animation and the sound but keep the image so I substituted a JPG image for embedded Flash movie.More important items were moved higher in the left menu. Text size was increased to give them more impact.The link to the photo gallery was not central to the home page’s message, so it was removed.

The information about where Saul’s is located and what its hours are was moved to the bottom of the left menu and de-emphasized slightly by un-bolding the text.

Text size was also increased for the navigation menu across to the top to bring it more in proportion with the logo.

I also turned the first “s” in the logo into an icon and installed the image as a short-cut icon for the site.


Technically this home page was set up separately from the WordPress files that power the rest of the site, probably so that the Flash movie could be embedded in it. However, now there is nothing on the home page that could not be done in WordPress so a future step will probably be to move this content into WordPress so that separate files do not need to be updated whenever changes are made.