GenderBreadPerson and Salesforce Contacts


Once you have installed the GenderBreadPersonSimple package you will have to add the new fields it adds to the Contact into the contact layout. In the example you see here I have added a new section to the layout and dragged the new fields into the new section.

A Test Writing App


Working on Light Traveler

Screen shot 2011-12-31 at 2.50.06 PM
The site owner started by sending me a couple of drawings that included specific information about sizes, fonts and colors.

I set up a trail site on my own server and started to work adding a child theme to the standard “TwentyTen” theme. This will allow the base “TwentyTen” theme to be updated without affecting the appearance of the site.

As I worked the site owner and I communicated daily about how things were going. We met in a coffee shop after the new theme started to take shape and talked in order to resolve questions that came up during the development.

In particular, he wanted a special kind of navigation menu and we needed to work out just what it would look like and how it would work.

Moving Meal Deliveries To Sams

Moving From A Custom Care Management Application To Sams

In order to stop doing duplicate data entry, BACS decided to move their meal delivery information from a custom application(Care Management) into SAMS. They were already using SAMS for entering some client information so many of their clients already had SAMS records.

The first step was to print out all the client delivery routes from Care Management and recreate them in SAMS. Unfortunately, SAMS does not have any sort of import facility for this sort of data.

As clients in SAMS were added to routes it was also necessary to create Care Management and Service Plan records for them in SAMS. I wrote queries and reports in the old Care Management system to produce a client directory that included all the information from the old system that needed to be moved to SAMS. As care management and service plan information was being created in SAMS it became clear that many of the clients had other outdated information in their records…. so checking each piece of information that should correspond to the information in the old Care Management system became part of the task for each client record.

BACS offers on option for clients who do not eat pork to  get “no pork” meals when the day’s regular meal contains pork. They also deliver frozen meals before the weekend or before a holiday to some of their clients. To adapt the SAMS service plans so they could record this information we introduced a set of sub-service categories. So a client who gets meals on M-W-F but also gets frozen meals over the weekend would have an additional service entry for 2 frozen meals on Friday.

The old caremanagement system had several check boxes for options like NO MILK and several note fields to help the drivers remember vital information about different clients deliveries. In SAMS the check box options were converted to text in the SAMS notes field and the information about locating the building/apartment the client lived in was entered in the additional information for the client address.